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ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory
ARF was established in the early 70s in collaboration with The Peoples Republic of China. Initially, the factory started overhauling of F-6 aircraft and with an ever growing sphere of responsibility, the factory undertook the task of overhauling of A - 5III, FT - 5, Y - 12, K - 8 and F - 7 aircraft variants. Since its inception, ARF has evolved into a Centre of Excellence for maintenance, repair and overhauling Chinese aircraft, standing tall amongst MRO organizations in the world. The MRO setup has a number of accreditations to its acclaim, which guarantees quality production. The MRO setup is not only fulfilling the needs of Pakistan Air Force but also undertakes overhauling and repair tasks of friendly countries namely Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Nigeria etc. ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory
The core facility has a rich experience of manufacturing and overhauling canopies and windshields of Chinese, T-37, Cessna, IL 78 Aircraft and Mirage windshield partitions. It has also acquired the technology for manufacturing single piece windshield. The competency is completely self reliant and has ensured zero foreign dependency. Production support group at ARF is a hub of metal parts manufacturing with diversified services like CNC and conventional machining centres, forging and casting, NADCAP qualified heat and surface treatment facility. Precision machining complex is a Boeing Quality Management System (BQMS) certified CNC setup - capable of manufacturing aviation and military standard Aluminum, steel and titanium alloy parts by using the latest CAD / CAM software.

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

The products are qualified by utilising the state-of-the-art Coordinate measuring machine (CMM). PMC is manufacturing parts for Chinese origin fighter and Boeing-777 aircrafts. Drop Tank Manufacturing Facility is capable of fabricating super sonic tanks along with repair and testing of metal tanks for modern fighter aircrafts. It features a wide array of sheet metal processing and welding facilities along with expertise in Argon Arc, Seam, Spot and electric welding processes. Stringent stage wise quality control ensures achieving highest of the aviation standards.

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

ARF has progressively ventured into commercialization and acquisition of modern technologies. Establishment of C-130 Propeller Overhaul Facility is recent success story in this field. It has been established in collaboration with Derco Aerospace and is certified by Hamilton Sundstrand. The facility has broad capability spectrum and is fully conversant with latest aviation technologies. Other than overhaul of C-130 Propellers, it is also carrying out repair, fabrication, rework and overhaul of its accessories including the Pump and Valve Housing. With addition of Quick Engine Change overhaul, it has become the state of the art facility that is being offered to friendly countries.

Harness Manufacturing & Rework Centre manufactures and repairs wiring harnesses of various types of aircraft. The capability spectrum includes a wide variety of harnesses. A harness is a complex combination of wires and connectors. This task is very delicate and requires high skill levels. Elaborate testing of all the manufactured and repaired harnesses is carried out. The work centre is qualified for rewiring of used aircraft with new harnesses. Equipped with Laser marking, thermal transfer printing and automated testing facilities this work centre provides all modern technologies under one roof.

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

Metrological Centre, ARF is one of the leading calibration and testing facility in defence sector of Pakistan for calibration of PMEs and testing of aviation and general industry parts. It is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Capabilities of this work centre includes Physical, Chemical, Metallographic and Non-Destructive testing besides calibration of PMEs related to length, Pressure, Mass, Volume, Force, Temperature and Frequency. The standard equipment used here has international traceability for its accurate functioning. It extends calibration and testing services not only to PAC and PAF but also to various reputed public and private sector Pakistani and foreign organizations.