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AMF History

In 1975, an independent project by the name of P-751 was launched at Risalpur for assembly of MFI-17 aircraft to fulfil primary flying training requirements of PAF. In 1981, assembly plant was shifted to its present location in Kamra and renamed as Airc5raft Manufacturing Factory. First indigenously manufactured Mushashak aircraft was rolled-out in 1983. AMF through its indigenous efforts, upgraded the aircraft to Super Mushashak configuration in 1996 and has continued to incorporate modern technologies to keep Super Mushashak up to date and viable aircraft for a wide variety training and operational roles. Today, AMF is the sole producer of Super Mushashak aircraft. Besides PAF & Pak Army; the aircraft has also been inducted by Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Qatar and Azerbaijan.

Owing to it versatility and continuous modernization effort by AMF; the aircraft has passed the test of time and still attracts global interest. The latest version aircraft have also been contracted by Turkish Air Forces.

AMF Aircraft Manufacturing Factory

In the late 1980s, PAF envisaged replacement of its T-37 fleet. Based on the success of Super Mushashak project; PAF decided to enter into a joint venture with China for co-development and co-production of an Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT); the K-8 aircraft. AMF attained the requisite capability and co-produced k-8 aircraft for PAF and a number of other countries as per joint venture modality. Today AMF maintains the capability of manufacturing K-8 structural parts and subassemblies.

AMF Aircraft Manufacturing Factory

JF-17 aircraft manufacturing was a vital project of strategic importance undertaken by AMF to achieve the goal of self-reliance in national defence. The major objective of the programme was to equip PAF with a low cost; multi-role fighter aircraft to meet its operational requirement and to develop Pakistan aviation industry. The infrastructure required for the manufacturing of JF-17 aircraft was established at AMF from 2004 to 2009, which includes workshops conforming to international aviation standards.

JF-17 aircraft are being produced from this manufacturing setup in support of operational requirement of PAF and to replace the aging fleet. The project has accorded Pakistan membership of fighter aircraft manufacturer’s group and is in an important step in self-reliance towards defence production. AMF produced JF-17 aircraft are not only part of PAF fighter fleet but are also exported to friendly countries.

AMF Aircraft Manufacturing Factory

In addition to single seat, AMF is now fully engaged in JF-17 dual seat production through completely digital design philosophy. At the heart of the entire span of processes is the Product Data Management (PDM) solutions.

AMF has produced over a 100 military jets and over 300 trainer aircraft has become the bedrock of aerospace manufacturing in Pakistan. Substantial exports and potential foreign sales are a testament of the expanding global footprint. A seasoned production line equipped with state of the art manufacturing technologies is optimized within the bounds of an internationally certified Quality Management System.

AMF has recently ventured into commercial aircraft parts manufacturing by utilizing the state of the art manufacturing capabilities.

Along with production of dual-seat JF-17 aircraft, work has already started on manufacturing of Block-III single-seat aircraft. Block-III will be the most advanced variant of JF-17 aircraft and will boost an AESA radar, 3-axis fly-by-wire technology, enhanced external load carriage, dedicated targeting pods, and multiple structural and system improvements thereby making JF-17 a more potent and lethal weapon system. AMF will utilize its capability to produce these advanced aircraft in the coming years and play its part in strengthening national defense.

Managing Director

Air Vice Marshal Shams-ul-Haq Jul, 2019 - Till Date
Air Vice Marshal Nadeem Tariq Jul, 2016 - Jul, 2019
Air Cdre Abdul Hayee Jun, 2015 - Jun, 2016
Air Vice Marshal Nudrat Kazmi Jan, 2014 - Jun, 2015
Air Vice Marshal Sohail Ahmed Malik Jun, 2011 - Jan, 2014
Air Vice Marshal Aminullah Khan Jan, 2008 - Jun, 2011
Air Vice Marshal Kamal Alam Jan, 2007 - Jan, 2008
Air Cdre Raja Hafeez Oct, 2005 - Jan, 2007
Air Cdre Zakir H Khan Oct, 2002 - Oct, 2005
Air Cdre S Sohail H Sadiq Jan, 2000 - Oct, 2002
Air Cdre S J Raza Dec, 1997 - Jan, 2000
Air Cdre M Younas Apr, 1994 - Dec, 1997
Air Cdre Tariq Hamid May, 1992 - Apr, 1994
Air Cdre Abdul Wahid Jun, 1989 - May, 1992
Air Cdre M I Siddiqui Apr, 1987 - Jun, 1989
Air Cdre M Akhtar Naeem Jun, 1985 - Apr, 1987
Air Cdre M A B Subhani Sep, 1980 - Dec, 1985
Air Cdre M A Raza Sep, 1975 - Sep, 1980