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Capabilities of APF

1. Avionics Design & Development

Indigenization is APF’s strategic focus and as part of deletion program, APF has gained core capabilities in hardware / software design & development of avionics systems. APF, now is a proud OEM of multiple avionics systems that have underwent complete indigenous development, from initial concept to final qualification on airborne platforms.

APF Avionics Production Factory

2. Avionics Production

APF is a unique avionics production facility which holds status of Qualified Production Vendor (QPV) of a large number of Avionics systems. APF production facilities comply high level of workmanship IPC standards and Military Standards. State of the art generic manufacturing machines for production, testing, environmental stress screening can meet the qualification requirements of wide range of avionics systems. A large number of avionics systems of fighter aircraft have been produced by APF and same are successfully operating on military airborne platforms. Today APF is capable of producing and qualifying complete avionics suite of advance fighter aircraft from complete knock down (CKD) kit components.

APF Avionics Production Factory

Major Co-Produced Avionics Systems are :-

  • Airborne Fire Control Radars
  • Weapon Mission Management Computer (WMMC)
  • Electrical Mechanical Management Computer (EMMC)
  • Inertia Navigation System (INS)
  • Store Management System (SMS)
  • Integrated Survival Recorder (ISR)
  • Smart Head Up Display (SHUD)
  • Smart Multi-Functional Display (SMFD)
  • Light Warning System (LWS)
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Central Suppression Unit (CSU)
  • Global Attitude Heading Reference System (GAHRS)
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)
  • Backup Acquisition Unit (BAU)
  • Radar Altimeter (RA)
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Audio Control Box (ACB)
  • Avionics Activation Panel (AAP)
  • Upfront Control Panel (UFCP)
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Data Transfer Unit (DTU)

3. Avionics Suite Design and Integration

APF holds the coveted status of certified Avionics integrator for advanced fighter jet and undertakes integration of Avionics systems of PAF’s choice on fighter aircraft. The solutions developed by APF have provided a tremendous boost to operational and strike capabilities of PAF. Moreover, the held capability has given an impetus to in-country development of avionics systems.

APF Avionics Production Factory

4. Life Cycle Support of Avionics Systems

APF has an elaborated testing and repair facility for life cycle support of PAF avionics systems. A major part of avionics systems is indigenously repaired and maintained at APF; resulting in substantial saving of national exchequer and timely availability of critical systems for PAF fighter fleet. OEM provided test equipment and indigenously developed test setup are being used for testing and repair of avionics systems. APF has played a leading role in optimum operational availability of vintage avionics systems with diminishing OEM support using unique generic ‘D’ level testing facility to achieve PCB level repair.

APF Avionics Production Factory

5. Ground Radars MRO

APF has comprehensive MRO facility for ground radars which includes overhauling and refurbishment of low- and high-level radar systems through antenna structural repairs, testing and refurbishment along with complete electronics testing, optimization and calibration. APFs continuous efforts in maintaining these systems ensures operational availability of PAF’s Air Defence assets. In addition to this, electronics upgrade of vintage ground radars of PAF is also being undertaken at this setup to cope up with the ever-growing defence industry.

APF Avionics Production Factory

6. Flight Simulation

APF has a high-tech Flight Simulation facility, for development of high-fidelity Full Mission Simulators of different aircrafts including the fighter aircraft. To achieve the versatile Flight Simulation technology, APF holds unique development expertise and lab testing facility. The facility is not only capable of complete operations and maintenance of flight simulators but also provides life cycle support to flight simulators through continuous upgrades in the simulator systems in accordance with the modification in the aircraft systems.

APF Avionics Production Factory

7. PME Calibration Facility

APF has type-II Lab and PME calibration facility which maintains its ISO 17025:2017 accreditation. PMEL utilizes reference and working standards for calibration of electrical, RF/VXI and physical test equipment. Following PME items can be calibrated at this lab: -

  • Temperature calibration (digital hygrometers)
  • Multifunction calibrators
  • Portable process calibrators
  • Analogue / Digital volt meter
  • Analogue / Digital multi-meter
  • Analogue / Digital DC power supplies
  • DC electronics loads
  • Digital / Analogue oscilloscopes
  • Scope meters
  • LCR meters
  • Meggars / insulation meters
  • VXI modules (DMMs, frequency counters and function generators)
  • Pulse / function / arbitrary waveform generators
  • RF cables, power splitters
  • RF attenuators, directional couplers and RF bridges
  • Spectrum analyzers / signal analyzers
  • Dynamic signal analyzer
  • RF / microwave frequency counters
  • RF / synthesize signal generators
  • Measuring receivers
  • RF power meters
  • RF power sensors / sensors modules
  • Pressure gauges (air / water / hydraulic)
  • Vacuumed gauges
  • Temperature gauges (with thermocouples)
  • Air data test sets
APF Avionics Production Factory