A Symbol of Excellence in Aviation

ARF Capabilities

The manufacturing resources of ARF are very comprehensive. Availability of highly skilled manpower with ongoing training program abreast with the technological advancements is also the hallmark of ARF. The core capabilities of factory consist of:-

  • Canopies & Wind Shields Manufacturing
  • Harness Manufacturing
  • Propeller & QEC Overhaul
  • NDT and Metrology setup
  • Precision Machining Complex
  • Weapon Rebuild Facility
  • Heat & Surface Treatment
  • Sheet Metal Setup
  • Rubber & Polymer Parts Manufacturing
  • Spring Manufacturing
  • Forging and Casting
  • Aviation Standard Painting

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

Canopies & Wind Shields Manufacturing

Canopy and Windshield Center of Excellence (CoE) is an advanced facility established at ARF providing support primarily to Pakistan Air Force as well as venturing into commercial projects with different inland companies and friendly countries. The core capabilities of this facility include:-

  • Manufacturing, Repairing and overhauling of canopies, windshields and window panels of different fighter, trainer, helicopters and transport fleet aircraft.
  • Precise cutting and transferring of holes in acrylic transparencies through 5 Axis CNC milling machine.
  • Reverse Engineering of product through 3D scanning, CAD modeling on CATIA software and manufacturing of moulds / dies on CNC machining.
  • Computerized Optical Quality inspection of formed transparencies.

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

Harness Manufacturing and Rewiring Centre

Harness manufacturing set-up is capable of manufacturing electrical harnesses using the latest materials and techniques. This facility was certified by SAGEM of France.

  • Manufacturing of harnesses as per OEM Standards for Chinese, French and American range aircraft
  • Complete Wiring Conductivity / Insulation Resistance Tests
  • Repair / Overhaul of Harnesses
  • Re-Wiring solutions for helicopters & small aircraft

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

Propeller & QEC Overhaul

  • Five yearly inspection of Dowty Propeller of SAAB 2000
  • Overhaul of C-130 Propeller and QECs
    • Complete Disassembly and Rework
    • Assembly and Operational Checks
    • IOC Repair and Overhaul

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

Metrological Centre

  • Calibration Facilities
    • Calibrations of PMEs related to Flow, Pressure, Length & Geometric, Electromagnetism, Electric / Electronic, Time, Temperature, Mass, Volume and Force
  • Non Destructive Testing Facilities
    • Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrate Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Magnetic Rubber and Ultrasonic Testing
  • Destructive Testing Facilities
    • Physical Testing (Tensile & Hardness), Quantitative Chemical Analysis & Metallographic Testing of Metallic Materials

ARF Aircraft Rebuild Factory

Precision Machining Complex

  • CAD / CAM System
  • 3 to 5 axis CNC Machines
  • CNC Turning & Milling Machines
  • EDM Wire Cut and Die Sinking Machines
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine

Weapon Rebuild Complex

  • Overhaul & Rebuild of French, Chinese and other Alternate Mission Equipment (AMEs)
  • Overhaul & Qualification of all available Ejector Release Units (ERUs) of Mirage, F-7P, F-7PG, F-16 and JF-17 aircraft
  • Provision of Depot level maintenance / overhaul support of Armament GSE / GHE

Heat & Surface Treatment Facility

  • Heat Treatment
    • Hardening, Tempering, Quenching, Normalizing & Carbonizing
  • Surface Treatment
    • Zinc, Chromium, Cadmium, Nickle, Tin, Copper, Silver and Shine Nickle Plating
    • Hard, Sulphuric Acid, Chromic Acid, Red, Green, Blue & Black Color Anodizing
    • Bluing & Acid Pickling
    • Oxidation of Aluminum / Magnesium

Sheet Metal Setup

The factory has an elaborate sheet metal facility in which more than 2300 parts of different variants of Chinese aircraft and drop tanks are formed. The basic processes include pressing, bending, turning, crafting and shrinking.

Rubber and Polymer Parts

Rubber parts are also manufactured for all the Chinese weapon systems. It is worth mentioning that rubber manufacturing shop (RMS) of ARF is capable of producing about 1100 different types of rubber seals.

Spring Manufacturing

In the field of spring manufacturing, the factory has acquired the skill to fulfill the requirement of springs being used during overhauling of an aircraft. These include torsion, tension and compression springs.

Forging and Casting

ARF has a well equipped forging facility which is sufficient to meet the requirements of all GOH related forging processes. Casting of ferrous and non ferrous parts up to 120 kg in weight can also be carried out.

Aviation Standard Painting / De-painting

Painting and de-painting facility is being utilized for on all the aircraft being overhauled at ARF. This includes internal and external aviation standard painting of various areas of the aircraft.