A Symbol of Excellence in Aviation


Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) is an organization which comprises of four co-located factories which virtually take care of maintenance of all operational assets of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for the purpose of effective control and efficient working. The complex is governed by a Board which is headed by Chairman PAC Board. The Chairman of the Board is serving Air Marshal of Pakistan Air Force (PAF). He is assisted by 03 resident and 02 non-resident members namely:

  • Member Finance (Resident Member)
  • Member Commercial (Resident Member)
  • Member Technical (Resident Member)
  • Member Ministerial Coordination (Non-Resident Member)
  • Member Private (Non-Resident Member)

The complex houses multi-faceted engineering capabilities which enable it to undertake Aircraft structure overhaul, Aircraft component overhaul, Aircraft Engine overhaul, Radar / Avionics Maintenance and overhaul. To Cater for the needs of all these tasks the complex provides comprehensive aviation standard testing and manufacturing facilities at one place.

PAC values its customers and believes in working closely by extending cost effective engineering solutions through highly skilled human resources and advances engineering processes at the most economical cost.

The pace of development of PAC definitely provides a silver lining on the horizon for the people of Pakistan that in the near future Pakistan would stand out as a country which can produce future generation Fighter Aircraft indigenously.