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Mirage Rebuild Factory, known as MRF, is a dynamic setup that undertakes variety of aircraft and engine overhauls. The setup became a bench mark of MRO for western systems technology through overhauling of Mirage aircraft for the last four decades. The factory undertakes complete MRO solution from testing to overhaul of Aircraft components and major inspections of fixed wing aircraft.

MRF is responsible for structure repair of western platforms and weapon systems of PAF. This also includes damage analysis and formulation of repair schemes. These capabilities were instrumental in the recovery of Saab aircraft.

MRF has pioneered aviation coatings for airborne platforms of PAF and its upgraded facility meets European aviation standards.

MRF also upgraded PAF’s vintage platforms with modern Avionics suite along with weapon integration. Air to Air Refueling capability in Mirage aircraft was undertaken by acquiring state of art capabilities by MRF. MRF is also pursuing establishment of repair facility for 4th generation helicopter to position PAC in MRO for rotary wing platforms.

In this regard, PAC will become an approved supplier for Leonardo helicopter division and creation of a recognized maintenance center will serve as a regional hub for all types of scheduled inspections and depot level repairs.

Besides overhauling Mirage aircraft, MRF also overhauls a variety of jet engines for PAF fleet with a comprehensive setup for inspection, repair, and refurbishment of engine parts. This includes, overhauling of engines of Mirage, F-16, C-130, Karakoram-8 and T-37 aircraft. A total of 170 engines are overhauled at MRF every year.