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MRF Quality Certifications


The national and international certification for Overhauling and depot level maintenance of engines include:

  • AS 9100 Rev ā€œDā€
  • NADCAP (National Aerospace Defense Contractor) and Pakistan National Accreditation Council accreditations for NDT and Shot Peening facilities
  • ISO 17025 Accreditation for Calibration Setup
  • SNECMA Certification for ATAR Engine Repair and Overhaul
  • T56 AMOF (Authorized Military Overhaul Facility) by Rolls Royce
  • J69 AMOF by Aero-Turbine USA
  • TFE-731 Engine Overhaul Certification from M/s Honeywell, USA through ITP Spain
MRF Mirage Rebuild Factory

MRF Achievements

Since the induction of first engine for overhauling at MRF in 1980, Engine Group has successfully accomplished overhauling of numerous engine and its modules. The project initially started with ATAR engine only, but group has been able to perform provide a depot level facility for five other weapon systems. Besides PAF, Engine Group is also extending the depot level facility to sister forces as well.