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Establishment of AW-139 Recognized Maintenance Centre (RMC)

Recognized Maintenance Centre of AW139 Helicopters was established in year 2020 under the umbrella of Offset contract after successful induction of 14 AW139 Helicopters in PAF fleet. The aim of facility was to acquire in country capability to undertake Major Scheduled inspections of AW139 Helos up to 4 years / 1200 hrs. The facility was certified from OEM (Leonardo Helicopters Division, Italy) for inspections on military helicopters in July, 2021. The RMC had started its working under supervision of OEM Reps for a period of 1.5 year and is now working independently. The scope of the facility has been extended from scheduled inspections to various retrofits on AW139 Helos. Since, establishment of the centre, a total of 22 Helicopters have been produced successfully after completion of major scheduled inspections (600 hrs, 3 years & 4 years) along with various retrofits as per PAF requirements. Thus, saving a considerable amount of national exchequer.

Facility Certification From OEM

Group photograph with Chief Guest on Roll out Ceremony

Insp of Starter Gen under OEM Supervision

Engine Inspection

Recognized Maintenance Centre AW139 MRF PAC Kamra