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F100 Engine Overhaul Setup

F100 engine overhaul setup was established in 1989 as a Pratt and Whitney authorized facility for overhauling the F100 engines, modules and accessories. Over the years, F100 setup has acquired a number of capabilities for MRO of F100 engine.

Top of the list is the capability of upgrading the entire F100 engine from 200 to 220E configuration. In addition to that, PAC has developed the in-country capability to overhaul and upgrade HPT, FAN, Core, FDT, Gear Box and Augmentor modules enhancing their life from 1800 cycles to 4000 cycles. The quality of MRO on F100 engine is verified by comprehensive operational checks at the Test cell in line with the OEM dictates. Additionally, the F100 Project also has the facility to modify, upgrade and test the Jet Fuel Starters, Augmentor Actuators, Ignition Exciters, Fuel Nozzles and a number of other components of F100 Engine. The facility is ISO 9001 : 2008 & AS 9100 REV ā€˜Cā€™ certified.