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1. Ground Based Radar MRO

At APF, low level ground-based radars (MPDRs) are being overhauled since year 1987. The facility was established by M/S EADS (Formerly M/S SIEMENS). Of late, high level ground-based radars are also being overhauled at APF since year 2007.

All rebuild and overhaul activities are carried out under strict quality control as per requirements of Aerospace Standard AS9100 Rev C. The final product thus conforms to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications, resulting in customer satisfaction. The overhauling activities include refurbishment / testing of different Electronics / Electrical and Mechanical modules of major radar assemblies. Being the only in-country radar overhaul facility, APF also offers support to other friendly countries in addition to its prime customer Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Salient MRO statistics of ground-based radars are as follows: -

  • Testing of RF and high-power modules

  • Automated testing of digital cards

  • Fault diagnosis using generic PINPOINT testers

  • Complete testing of cables

  • Optimization of antenna

  • Structure repair of radar vehicle

  • Testing of electrical systems

  • Refurbishment of 3 phase and single-phase AC’s

Radar overhaul facility is also equipped with state of the art machines required for manufacturing different parts of ground based radars and for aircraft as well.