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Established since 2017, JF-17 aircraft MRO at Aircraft Rebuild Factory is the sole organization in the world for overhauling JF-17 aircraft. New JF-17 MRO hangar has been established which is having 16 aircraft docks capacity including two environmental controlled docks and 02 overhead cranes of 05 tons capacity each. Each dock is equipped with dedicated electric and pneumatic power supply, fire suppression system and ground support equipment. It is capable to annually produce 16 aircraft. The overhauling of JF-17 aircraft also includes establishment / upgradation of aircraft painting / de-painting, components overhauling, AME overhauling and spares manufacturing facilities to meet the standards of advanced state of the art overhauling facilities.

Overhauling of JF-17 aircraft

Overhauling process of JF-17 aircraft consists of a series of stages including de-painting, disassembly, on-board inspection, assembly and functional check flights. After disassembly, aircraft electro-mechanical and avionics components are overhauled at shops in Components Rebuild Group (CRG), while pipes related to different aircraft systems such as hydraulic system, pneumatic system, environmental control system are overhauled by Production Support Group (PSG). Weapon Rebuild Group (WRG) overhauls the aircraft major weapon system components such as ejection seat, pylons, and launchers.

During onboard inspection of aircraft, inspection and repair of complete aircraft structure with the help of various non-destructive testing (NDT) methods is carried out to ensure structural integrity and health. Inspection of all pipes and electric looms that are not disassembled is also carried out in this phase. After completion of onboard inspection, corrosion treatment and internal painting of aircraft structure is carried out.

During assembly phase, complete aircraft system buildup including installation of components, pipes, cables, rods is carried out at different phases. Operational checks of aircraft systems such as hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electric system is also carried out as per phase wise plan. After complete operational checks of all aircraft systems, fly-by-wire flight control system of aircraft is checked using a Movable Ground Test Facility (MGTF). The aircraft is then released for functional check flights to conduct aerial tests of aircraft for complete systems verification. After checks flights, aircraft is painted and handed over to user.

In addition to overhauling of aircraft, JF-17 MRO is well equipped with trained manpower and necessary resources in order to undertake any major structural modification and upgradation of aircraft systems which are issued by OEM. Some major structural modifications and system upgradation include reinforcement of fuselage frame 9040, reinforcement of ventral fin, SBP to SP upgradation, Wing Rib-7 reinforcement using composite, DEFIS upgradation and ECS system modification.