A Symbol of Excellence in Aviation



Aviation painting is a special process and “Painting facility” at MRF follows American and French standards to paint Mirage, JF-17, F-16, DA-20, Cessna, SAAB, Mushak and other light aircraft. Painting facility was established at MRF in 1977. The facility was equipped with cross draught ventilation and water filtration system. However, the facility lacked the environmental control which greatly affected the production in extreme weather conditions. Having served for four decades, painting facility necessitated a complete re-vamp and operation in line with modern standards along with environmental control prospects. The Up-gradation of the facility commenced in October, 2016 and completed in April, 2017. MRF has now acquired a state-of-the-art facility to under-take aircraft painting in a dust free environment with the new cross draught ventilation system. The up-graded facility has enhanced the production capacity of Mirage and JF-17 aircraft due to the availability of two separate painting booths capable of operating at different environmental control systems simultaneously.