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  • Aircraft Canopies and Windshield
  • Aircraft window Panels
  • Mold / Dies
  • Scale down wooden molds for Wind Tunnels
Canopy Manufacturing

Forming of Acrylic Plexi Glass

Canopy & Windshield is equipped with state of the art Electric furnaces and Auto Calve. These machines are fully autonomous and maintain a homogenous temperature and pressure for forming of Cast & Stretched acrylic and Plexi glass material.

CNC Machining

A state of the art CNC 5-axis simultaneous milling machine of Hauel Reichenbacher Germany is installed at Canopy & Windshield CoE for final contour cutting of canopies, windshields and window panels. This machine is also capable of 2-D, 3-D and 5-D mould of soft metallic alloys along with chemical wood and plywood material.

Canopy Manufacturing

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering techniques is used for indigenous development of the various molds for achieving desired contours of the transparencies. CAD model are developed by scanning the product with the help of 3D Scanning equipment and the point cloud data achieved from scanning is further used for surface generation and contour developments in CATIA software. Meticulous scrutiny of the point data cloud is carried out to achieve the most accurate final results.

Optical Quality

The transparencies formed are required to qualify the optical standards to provide un-hindered and clear view to the pilots. Visual inspection of the transparency is carried out under bright sun lights to check for any anomaly induced during forming process. After clearing the visual checks, the transparencies are further checked in the specially designed dark room with the help of TOPINS software. The transparency is thoroughly detected by TOPINS software for any optical distortion and results are displayed as per the optical standards.

Canopy Manufacturing