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Technical Training

PAC Institute of Technology

PAC Institute of Technology (PACIT) was established at PAC in 2004 to promote the Training / Grading needs of Technicians of PAC. Its objective is to enhance the expertise of newly inducted Diploma/Engineering Degree holders, so as to enable them to work in the aviation industry. To achieve this, the new inductees from civil sector are made to go through one year course at this institute. PACIT has obtained NOC from Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) on 11 May, 2004 and has also been recognized by Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) as of 30 June 2005. PACIT imparts Training in following trades / specialties.

  • Metal Worker Trade
  • Machinist Trade
  • Radio Fitter
  • Radar Fitter
  • Airframe Fitter
  • Engine Fitter
  • Electric Fitter
  • Welder Trade
  • Heat Treatment Worker
  • Surface Treatment Worker

During one year study, after completion of 6-months theoretical training phase, six months practical training is imparted in the concerned PAC factories housing modern infrastructure in view of ever advancing/increasing aviation requirements. PACIT is equipped with modern training facilities, which include overhead projectors, digital training Aids and well trained and qualified instructors. PACIT has the distinction of training over 1500 technicians, and all of them are employed in PAC factories, which is an emblem of success for PACIT as a training institute.

Presently, PACIT is in transition to upgrade its training environment, so as to support state-of-the-art inventory of the PAF and aviation industry at large. In the long run, PACIT would endeavor to train the personnel with an aim to make PAC as the base of indigenous aviation industry. In its bid to promote the training environment, PACIT is taking up the up-gradation process on modern lines comprising; Computer Based Management, Computer Based Training System and Virtual Training Aids

PAC management is looking forward for the expansion of PACIT with an aim to promote education of aviation related subjects in civil sector. In this regard, the institute is planned to be opened to civilians aimed at serving in aviation related organizations anywhere in the country. The management is therefore, also considering to open another campus outside the premises of PAC.

Avionics System Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance / repair facilities are provided for the following electronic systems:

  • Airborne Radars
  • Mission Computers
  • Identification Friend and Foe (IFF)
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Airborne Video Tape Recorder (AVTR)
  • Global Attitude Heading Reference System (GAHRS)
  • Integrated Survival Recorder (ISR)
  • Light Warning System (LWS)
  • Data Transfer Unit (DTU)
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Audio Control Box (ACB)
  • Display Electronic Unit (DEU) / Head-up Display Electronic Unit (HEU)
  • Multi-Function Display (MFD)
  • Head-up Display Unit (HUD)
  • Air Data Computer (ADC)
  • Air Data Sensor (ADS)
  • Navigation and Attack Unit (Except Gyros)
  • Control and Display Unit (CDU)
  • Gyro Magnetic Compass (Except Gyros)
  • Armament Relay Box
  • Symbol Generator
  • Storage Management System
  • Power Amplifier Unit

Environmental Stress Screening

Being essential part of production process, PAC has also established a state of art ESS testing facility. This facility comprises of different state of art climatic chambers and vibration shakers and is capable of performing ESS testing as per MIL STD, ASTM & ISO standard for environmental stress screening. ESS facility can conduct following tests :

  • Thermal Cycling
  • Thermal vibration
  • Thermal shock
  • Fast Ramp Thermal
  • Thermal altitude
  • Vibration testing
       a. Sinusoidal
       b. Random
       c. Combined sine on random
       d. Combined vibration with temperature/humidity.
       e. Shock: Classical, Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), Pyrotechnic

PAC can also help with the design and fabrication of fixture if needed and ESS profiles

Fast Ramp Chamber

Thermal Shock Chamber

LDS, V875B Vibration System